How does Morning After Pill work?

The hormone in the Morning After Pill delays the release of an egg (ovulation), so sperm can’t find the egg to fertilize it. When fertilization is avoided, a pregnancy is prevented. No egg. No fertilization. No pregnancy.

How can I be sure if Morning After Pill worked?

You’ll know Morning After Pill has worked when you get your next period, which should come at the expected time. Sometimes your period can be up to a week late. If you wish to find out earlier whether Morning After Pill has worked, you can do an early pregnancy test 10-12 days after the day you had unprotected sex.

Will taking Morning After Pill affect my ability to get pregnant later?

No. It will not.  If you currently have periods every month, taking Morning After Pill will not affect your ability to get pregnant later. When you start your next cycle, you’ll ovulate again and that will bring a new opportunity to get pregnant. If you have irregular periods, you may have difficulty getting pregnant if you decide to become pregnant, but taking Morning After Pill once or more than one time will not make it more difficult.

So no worries if you want to have children later on!

Can I continue to use my regular birth control after taking Morning After Pill?

Yes you can. It is safe to do so.

Is there a weight limit for using Morning After Pill?

There is no weight limit for Morning After Pill. When you take it is the most important factor; the sooner you take it after unprotected sex, the more effective it will be.

Is Morning After Pill the same as the abortion pill?

No. Morning After Pill helps prevent a pregnancy from starting. It is not the same as the abortion pill so it will not terminate or harm an existing pregnancy.

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