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Boost your sales and customer satisfaction
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Emergency Contraceptives Facts
#1 product sold in the sexual health category: more than condoms and pregnancy tests
Category has grown 60+% over the last 5 years ($2 Billion Category)
Attracts younger consumers: 1 in 3 women under age 35 reported using it
Highly incremental: 40% of women who have used it have taken it two or more times
Limited availability: many pharmacies in small towns don’t sell emergency contraceptives
Why Morning After Pill from Cadence OTC?
#1 doctor recommended ingredient: levonorgestrel
Great value: Our Morning After Pill MSRP is ~$24.99 is half the price of leading brand 
Convenience really matters since product has to be taken within 72 hours
No restrictions on sale: no age limit, no id, prescription, or state restrictions for purchase
We will support you! Cadence will advertise to women in yourneighborhood and direct them to your store.
The only emergency contraceptive for sale in convenience stores
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    Ready to carry our product?

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